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Sometimes the in between moments prove to be the most important, the most meaningful. I'll always make sure you have those timeless, classic wedding wedding shots but you'll find the majority of my work to be more in-the-moment & authentic. On weddings days my goal is not only to create these images for you, but also for you to have the absolute best wedding experience we can possibly create. EVERYONE should feel like they're on top of the world on their wedding day, not stressing over timelines & that rain cloud in the sky - leave that to anyone else. Throughout the day I'll be there to remind you what's really going to matter at the end of the day & to embrace every second of it before that time comes.

As far as style goes, you will find that my work takes on an editorial sort of documentary feel mixed with some  prompted & gently posed moments in between.  I stick to  natural colors & warm tones to bring out the life & love that went into creating the images, making them feel timeless & classic.  Take a look for yourself below, I always have full galleries available upon request!

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In the moment

"Not only was she professional, her personality just made our experience so much better! She was just as excited about the wedding as we were!"

Jaimie C, MOB

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