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You're going to want a photographer who you can relate to & who understands you. Can you imagine spending 10 hours with someone who you don't vibe with AT ALL? Your wedding photographer is going to be with you every step of the way, leading up to the wedding and for your whole wedding day. I LOVE hyping my couples up & helping them feel comfortable in their own skin - no matter what that skin may look like (this is a safe place). So if you're looking for someone who can make you laugh, someone who can corral your crazy family & bridal party, who will genuinely laugh at dad's jokes and who will woosahh mom when she's coming unhinged, and most importantly - protect YOUR peace on your wedding day...I'm your girl!

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average investment is 3400, after add ons


Alexa, play the tik tok song "it costs that much because it takes me f***ing hours"

It's funny 'cause it's true, but for real, you should always know what exactly you're paying for! In this case, you're investing in your memories and in a professional, experienced,  licensed & insured photographer to document them for you. You're paying for not only the hours included in your package (6-10), but also the 100+ hours it takes to edit them and build your gallery/albums. 

With that being said, if what you've seen/read so far resonates with you and you don't see a package that quite fits what you're looking for - reach out anyways! Sometimes the  size, day, and time of year can warrant a little more wiggle room. 


micro weddings

For the adventurous & reserved couples alike. If you want to take your wedding experience into your own hands & share it with only a handful, if any, guests - this is right up your alley! Planning & coordinating assistance available as well. 

intimate weddings

This is for those of  you wanting the full wedding experience, but on a smaller scale (typically less than 100 people). A complimentary engagement session is included in these packages to get to know your photographer & use for save the dates!

the whole shebang

You're going ALL OUT & want your whole day documented without having to worry about missing anything - I got you! With a complimentary engagement session & a second photographer for the big day, this will cover all your bases. 

starting at 2000




This can really vary from wedding to wedding depending on the size, how many people are in the wedding party, etc...but in general I am an "over-shooter" soooo lol on average, I deliver around 70-80 images per hour of coverage. For a whole shebang all out wedding you can expect somewhere around 700 photos in your gallery. 

Yes & yes! Keep in mind that any "professional" should be, for your sake & their own and a lot of venues actually require it these days. If your venue needs a copy of my proof, I'm always happy to send it over & I also always have copies of both with me on wedding days just in case. 

I LOVE to travel, literally anywhere, I mean who doesn't I guess, right? I'm an easy traveler who like to camp, which really helps me keep my travel fees low. If the location is less than 80 miles from me there is NO FEE. Anything over 80 miles is $1/mile. If the trip requires an overnight stay and/or a flight I'll usually work with you to find a comfortable & appropriate fee, depending on the location. 

Short answer - no. For a ton of reasons. Just to give a few (I'm happy to go into more detail, just ask!) - unedited photos that haven't been enhanced upon import are just kinda....blah. Professional photographers (like'a me!) work really hard & spend time enhancing and bringing out colors in your photos. Also giving these away is essentially the same thing as wiping your name right off of them, giving any credit that we took them.....or worse for someone to use a free photo editor or social media filter and completely diminish the quality of the image....and then give you the credit.....YIKES lol You feel me?? Also RAW files are ginormous and I can almost guarantee that downloading 3000 of them would WRECK your computer - thank me later.

Hell yeah! Glad you asked :) I'm always happy to pick out some galleries that match the vibe you're going for or that were shot at your venue if I have any!

While I do hope that at least part of why you're here if because you dig my style,  I always welcome any inspiration when it comes to certain shots you've seen that have spoken to you or stopped you in your tracks! When it comes to one of those free or maybe even from etsy, "must have shot list"s, chances are that everything on there is already engrained in me to capture just due to having done this for so long. But if it makes you feel better & more organized to send it to me - then bring it on! Because every wedding day is different & some timelines are more crunched than others, I can't guarantee that we will get every single pinterest pose you send, especially because my style is more in the moment, but I'm always down to get creative if we have the time! If that's something you know you want to do, factor in a little more time for portraits so we don't miss the chance! 

"Not only was she professional, her personality just made our experience so much better! She was just as excited about the wedding as we were!"

Jaimie C, MOB

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